Eco Friendly Hacks


Welcome to Eco-Friendly Hacks!

My name is Saman Shoaib and I’m a science geek striving to make this planet pollution-free. Holding a master’s degree in Biotechnology and obtaining a thorough knowledge and practical understanding of environmental, industrial, food, and health biotechnology and microbiology, I have the urge to execute my learning into words that can add unusual value to people’s lives. 

By advocating sustainable living standards, I’ve created ‘Eco-friendly Hacks’ where you will get a number of ways to opt for sustainable living in the form of well-researched articles, green-living informational guides, the world’s best eco products, and interesting DIY science projects. From an environmental perspective to health and wellness and a lot of green-living life hacks, I’ve covered it here all. 

So, if you are ready to switch your life towards healthy and sustainable means and save your planet for your generations, this blog will not be less than a blessing in disguise. 

So stay tuned with Eco-Friendly Hacks! 👍