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Drawing Save the Earth: Spread Awareness with 4 Worksheets

Hey there! Let me ask one thing, have you any other alternative to this planet? 🌍🤔 NO, Right? Drawing Save the Earth will force you to ponder how human activities are devastating this planet badly. 

According to the research of, there are more than 2.2 billion children on Earth. Now just imagine, if you educate 25% of the population on Earth about saving nature with conserved activities, how impactful it would be.

Taking this spirit, I want to share some worksheets highlighting some drawings of human activities with 3 boxes to fill in. Being parents or teachers, you’ve to educate your kids and students on how human activities affect the Earth and how they can contribute in this respect. 

Focus on the Drawing Save the Earth and generate answers accordingly.

Featured Drawing Save the Earth Exhibiting Negative Human Effects

While identifying human impacts on nature, it’s crucial to teach children how they observe around themselves and try to cope with such situations. Catering to this problem, I’ve mentioned some major human activities taken from Drawing Save the Earth worksheets. Such as;

1️⃣ Forest Fires & Cutting Down Trees

Human activities like campfires, careless smoking, or even fireworks can start forest fires. These fires can destroy the homes of animals and harm the environment. Moreover, When people cut down too many trees, it’s bad for nature. Trees give us oxygen and provide homes for animals.

2️⃣ Air & Water Pollution

Cars, factories, and other things that use fuel can make the air dirty. Air pollution can make it hard for us to breathe and can harm plants and animals. Similarly, throwing garbage into rivers and oceans can pollute the water. Pollution can harm fish and other creatures that live in the water. 

3️⃣ Greenhouse Effects & Hunting Animals

When we use too much energy and create pollution, it can make our planet hotter. This is called the greenhouse effect, and it’s not good for Earth. On the other hand, sometimes people hunt animals for fun or money. This can make some animals disappear forever. 

4️⃣ Waste Disposal & Contaminations

Throwing garbage everywhere instead of using trash cans can hurt nature badly. Sometimes, chemicals from factories or farms can get into the soil and water, making them unhealthy for plants and animals.

Now, it’s time to spread awareness to minimize these unpleasant activities.

For this, just download these worksheets exhibited by Drawing Save the Earth and share it.

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