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With Reusable Coffee Pods, Brew Your Coffee in Just 9 Easy Steps

Reusable Coffee Pods

Are you a coffee lover? Awe! It means, this guide will digest you the same as the coffee digests food. Because it’s overwhelmed with reusable coffee pods that can brew your coffee efficiently. 

With the advancement of technology, no house or office is seen without a convenient lifestyle. One of them may be considered coffee makers. Although, there are many people in the world who love to drink coffee (hot or cold). Meanwhile, the coffee makers’ demand increases manifolds.

But the coffee pods and coffee capsules have been running for decades. This convenience, growing quality, and most important sustainability are considered as the main driving force behind the sales of coffee pods. And here, you will come to know different aspects of reusable coffee pods. So read till the end!

Let’s Introduce Coffee Pods!

In order to revolutionize the preparation and consumption of your favorite coffee, ‘coffee pods’ or ‘coffee capsules’ have come in the ground.

Coffee Pods are actually small and single-serve containers made of several materials, filled with pre-measured ground coffee and sealed with a thin layer of filter material that can be easily inserted into compatible machines  for quick and convenient brewing.”

These coffee pods vary in their particular flavors and strengths to grant you what you like through easy customization. Although they have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. But one of the major downsides is creating a bulk of waste. 

As these coffee pods are mainly made of several non-biodegradable materials (polystyrene, polypropylene, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.) so they remain on the earth, even after wasting them for years. Thus, there are also a lot of concerns for environmentally-conscious consumers.

See the Different Forms of Coffee Pods

Different Forms of Coffee Pods

You may have wondered why different forms of coffee pods are available in the market but from various perspectives. From manufacturization and their compatibility with coffee-making machines. Let’s know about them.

👉 According to Manufacturing

There are THREE forms of coffee pods as per their unique manufacturing;

  • Biodegradable Coffee Pods

They are mainly made up of paper and can disintegrate in water, soil, or air over time, with the help of bacteria and enzymes. Thus, they are a good environment-friendly option to consider. 

  • Compostable Coffee Pods

They’re made of plant-based plastics or bioplastics or paper and can be placed in soil to break down, but they have to decompose into matter which benefits the soil. They must break down within a maximum of six months. 

  • Reusable Coffee Pods

They have been developed to tackle waste issues and make using a coffee capsule machine more environmentally friendly. As usually, they are made from stainless steel. So, they are reusable and a more convenient option.

👉 According to Compatibility

There are mainly TWO distinct forms of coffee pods as per their compatibility with the coffee maker. Such as;

  • Soft Form 

They are made from filter paper or fabric and are commonly used in pod machines. These pods are pre-packaged and sealed, containing the right amount of coffee needed for a single cup. 

They are widely available and come in a range of flavors, roasts, and strengths.The soft style is particularly used to make drip coffee in a range of non-pressurized machines (but not Keurigs).

  • Hard Form

They are are made from plastic or aluminum and are designed to work with specific coffee pod machines. They are usually pre-packaged and sealed, containing a pre-measured amount of coffee. 

These pods are not recyclable and contribute to environmental pollution. The hard type is used to make espresso in pump machines and is also called Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E) pods.

Why Are Reusable Coffee Pods More in Demand?

It is estimated that 95% of disposable coffee capsules will go to landfill and will sit there for up to 500 years, as neither plastic nor metal is biodegradable. So, what does it mean? Will you stop consuming coffee? No choice!

So, here is an eco-friendly option you have and that’s using reusable coffee pods. Because it assists you to;

  • Stop Polluting the Planet with Insane Plastic 
  • Brew your Favorite Coffee 
  • Enhance the Flavor by Grind Well

How to Use Reusable Coffee Pods? Follow the Step-by-Step Process

How to Use Reusable Coffee Pods

Pro Tips

  • See the grind size of the coffee pod first. It’s recommended a medium to medium-coarse grind size, which is ideally made using a high-quality burr grinder.
  • Find a compatible machine with reusable coffee pods. If you choose Keurig’s coffee pods, they will run with all machines.
  • Being the reusable capsules, make sure to rinse them with water after every use and not any granule left at its filter.


  • Freshly ground coffee (any of your fav)


  • A reliable coffee maker 
  • A reusable coffee pod 
  • A roller mill

See the Steps

Just follow some of the easy steps and brew your favorite coffee with no hassle. 

#1. Pod Selection

Firstly, you have to make sure that your reusable coffee pod is highly compatible with your coffee maker. Always prioritize the durable option, as stainless steel. 

#2. Grind Coffee

Then you have to grind your coffee beans according to the filter plate of your coffee pod and your desired consistency with a roller mill. Make sure not to over or under-extraction happens. 

#3. Filling 

Open the lid of the coffee pod and fill it with your freshly-ground coffee (whether it be organic, fair trade, or even decaf). Be careful while this step to avoid overfilling. 

#4. Tamping 

Use the back of a scoop, tamp, or other implement compatible with your pod to compact the coffee.

#5. Topping Up 

To ensure the capsule is filled to the top, add more ground coffee, followed by a final, firm tamp.

#6. Scraping Excess 

Remove excess coffee from the rim of the capsule with the scoop handle. 

#7. Applying Lid

Apply a lid to the top of the refillable pod and seal it perfectly. 

#8. Brew the Coffee

Put the pod into the coffee machine and let it brew as per your normal taste. 

#9. Add Milk (Optional)

After completing the brewing, you may add warm milk over it to make a perfect latte.

Now, enjoy your perfectly brewed coffee without harming your environment!

What Concerns Are Related to Reusable Coffee Pods?

Challenges with Reusable Coffee Pods

No doubt, reusable coffee pods are a more viable, sustainable, and eco-friendly option for brewing your favorite coffee. But the manufacturers and consumers have some concerns with them. 

  • To extract capsules, you must have to ground the coffee with a roller mill into a fine size.
  • If the pod is about 5g of capacity, it’s hard to achieve a high-quality extraction.
  • On a single-used pod, you may not get the exact strength of a similar coffee. 
  • If you want to gain a high strength, it’s essential to have a more intense blend with similar pods.

The End Note

Coffee pods have revolutionized the way you brew coffee, providing you with convenience and ease of use. However, single-use coffee pods contribute to environmental pollution and harm the planet. Reusable coffee pods are an eco-friendly alternative that allows coffee lovers to enjoy their favorite coffee without harming the environment. With the right reusable coffee pod and the right technique, you can brew delicious coffee that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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